Thursday, March 1, 2007

Happy March

Happy March! So happy for the sunshine today yea! We've had a busy but fun day. Day began with my super special healthy Belgian waffles. Uncle Brad came to play with us today. The kids love their swing set! Glad they got some outdoor time. Funny little story. The neighbor has this fake owl sitting on the fence facing our yard. It is used to scare away an opossum who prowls around at night and steals apples from the neighbors tree. Emeline and Noah get a kick out the owl. Everyday we have to take a walk in the backyard to "talk" and "touch" the owl. It was blown down and missing for a few days and the kids were quite concerned. Now the owl is back and Emeline and Noah were very happy to see their owl friend once again. The B. grandparents are coming home tonight. The kids and I will go and watch the nanay and be there to welcome them home. Much to prepare and get ready till then.

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grace said...

thanks for watching nanay for me wendy!