Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Avid Readers

Both of my kiddies LOVE to read. Their favorite are Dr. Suez, Shel Silversteen, and any poem type books with silly rhymes. Reading is an avid and important part of our daily routine. While I was preparing supper last night both were sprawled out on the kitchen floor with books. Emeline WAS ACTUALLY READING to Noah. Sure she has heard the stories many times, but she was taking the time to sound out the words and most were correct! Then Noah was reading to Emeline. It makes me sad to think they will leave me soon to go to school. I am so happy to be home helping them get a jump on their education. Tonight they will get to go and play with Trimee's boys while the moms socialize.


grace said...

that is so great that emeline is reading now! she is so smart

hygienequeen23 said...

wow! im impressed!!!!