Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy and Blessed

That about sums up my emotions for this week and everyday. I still can't believe I finally have my very own classroom and am doing what I love and have trained for. I have 7 kiddos and 4 helpers. I wake up excited and go to bed happy too. I love my job and give thanks and praise everyday.

The thing that makes me unhappy is coming home to do homework with my own kids. Being on the working mom side now I despise homework. Emeline is fine and can do her work herself and doesn't mind. But it is a nasty struggle with Noah. He throws fits. And he needs my help with everything. I don't want to get into a huge argument and spout off too much. This is supposed to be a happy post. I am concerned about Noah's writing. He writes with signs of dyslexia. But his mommy is a special ed teacher. hahahah. Hoping it will clear up and be signs of immaturity, but if not I will get him the help he needs.

I don't want to repost pictures, but check out my facebook for pictures of my awesome classroom!

Happy almost weekend.


maybe strawberry said...

oh I'm so sorry to hear about Noah's fits with the homework. I hope it's not dyslexia. I know for a fact though that Noah is very smart, like his dad.

so glad for you and your new job Wendy! and i like the new color of you blog. looks chocolaty and delicious!

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

I hate homework, too. The last thing I need is one more thing keeping me from having fun with my kids.