Monday, May 31, 2010


Emeline and her first grade teacher
Proud to be finishing grade 1

Autobiography Wall of first graders
Yes, we rode a helicopter at the zoo! At least we got to stand and sit in it!
Only at the zoo can you have pure sun and ice too!
A friendly polar bear
Riding some falcon bird at the zoo
Posing on a silver polar bear statue
Mommy bears posing with their cubs
Digging up some old bones
A nice kitty cat
Kids don't try this at home, but doesn't the elephant stature look so real?
We were archeolgists for the day
Birthday boy ever so curious what could be on the other side of the island at Disney
We rode the haunted ride, and no one was scared
Celebrating mom and dad B's anniversary I think

Enjoyed this four day weekend. Little bit of pleasure, swimming, walking by the bay, playing at the park, and little bit of work, organized toys, household cleaning, etc. It was a good break. Now the big push to finish out this school year. 3 days more for Emeline, 5 more for Noah and me. Happy start of JUNE!


maybe strawberry said...

i love all the pictures Wendy! especially the one of Emeline standing in front of her 1 year old picture.

good seeing you this weekend!

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Can't believe Emmeline is finishing 1st grade! Wow! Time flies! Ryan is done this Friday with school, too. Can't wait for summer! Now if our weather would just warm up, too!

tiffany said...

Cute pictures!