Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend Recap

Enjoyed a drive up north to see my sister on Sabbath. We made it on time for their Easter special Drama presentation which brought me to tears. Wonderful music, readings, and reenactment of the Easter story. Had yummy potluck food. Spent time outdoors at a park so the kids could play and adults could chat. On the way home we stopped at Lake Elsinore Costco and I was so excited to find cheese balls. Was craving those recently and haven't seen any anywhere! So impressed with my sister and hubby Andrew for becoming vegan.

Sunday the kids were up at 6 looking for their traditional hidden basket treasures. This years theme was the beach and pool. They got suits, sandals, goggles, floaties, kick boards, and bubble gun shooters. Do not buy the cheap refill bubbles, what a dud. Have to return the refill cause the bunny goofed and also Emeline's slippers were too small. Oh well. Then we went and had our traditional Easter egg hunt with cousins, did egg coloring, and the nest craft. While we were sorting and looking at our egg loot, an earthquake struck. No one moved at first, but then it just kept on going and we hurried out the door. That was the longest and strongest I have felt since being here. Glad to be home safe and sound and to have a calm evening. I am pooped and ready to head to bed. Want to look rested for my interview tomorrow. :)


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Jealous of your warm weather, but you can keep your earthquakes! :) What did the kids do during the earthquake?

Mama Bear said...

Good luck on your interview!

And we have more clothes for Noah. I still need to look for those swimming trunks. Forgot to bring them because of all the Easter things.

sunshine said...

No worries Vangie, the Easter bunny gave him some swimming trunks. It was a fun day yesterday, besides the shaking.

Valerie, they just went outdoors with us and said "Why are the cars shaking?" We talked about it later on last night. They were fine, I was the one all shook up. Felt some aftershocks last night too.

monkeyballsblitz said...

Good times, minus the erthquake. I always had nighmares about them since childhood.

maybe strawberry said...

had a great Easter with you guys! hope your interview went well today