Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week in Review

I was given more responsibilities at work now. My favorite part is going into the homes and evaluating the kids, basicly playing and interacting with a few fun toys, while writing down observations. I can bring my computer to work since a lot of the work is writing and typing reports. Everyone on the team is so nice and very helpful thus far.

Noah and Emeline continue to do well in school. Emeline is reading 2nd grade readers and had to spell the word sentence this week in spelling. Noah is coloring so carefully and printing readable letters. A classmate of Noah's invited him to MY GYM and it was a mommy and Noah afternoon. Of course he had a blast. So glad he is participating and getting over that shy boy phase.

Remo's doctor referred him to a head specialist which he will call tomorrow. Hoping we don't have to wait 2 weeks or a month to be seen. He hasn't been on the patch, but still taking Dramamine just so he can get through work. He is slowing decreasing the dosage so his goal will be to wean off it completely. Really hoping we can get to the bottom of the problem soon.

So today is superbowl and if I have to choose a team I will pick and root for the Saints. But it doesn't really matter. We will go over to auntie Aprils. I am just looking forward to food and hanging out.

Got much to do before the sleeping crew awakes. Till next week, have a happy one!


Courtney007 said...

Yay! Sounds like you liking the job!

Sorry Remo is sick! Get better!


maybe strawberry said...

sound like a very interesting Job Wendy.

any updates on remo's dizziness?