Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yada Yada

So it was a bit hectic getting the family transitioned into new schedules as I returned full time to the working force again. Remo started a new schedule 1:30-10. I like it better. Unfortunately, he has been getting really bad bad dizzy spells and therefore using his patches. But this week he is weaning off them to see what happens. He takes Dramamine but that makes him sleepy. He has begun dieting again and determined to stick with it this time. He does have high cloesterol. I feel so sorry for him. Working when you are sick sucks. He has an appointment to check his eyes, but if that doesn't work pray we know what to do or try next.

So thankful for after school care. Emeline goes there 4 days a week for an hour and a half. Not terrible. She gets her homework done and has snack and is in a safe place. Noah rotates to different family members each day of the week. Grateful he is in good hands and not strangers!!! He loves his tiny tots program and is really blossoming in his learning!

My job is very different then classroom environment. It is basicly an office setting and everyone comes in plugs in their computers and has there own agenda and works away. They are still figuring out their scheduling and don't know how to include me yet. So far I just answer phones, shred, fax, mostly office stuff. Hey that is ok I am getting paid. There is a preschool special ed position opening, my credential is in elementary not preschool. But it can't hurt too apply. I am learning and getting to know lots about the assesment of children and contact leads like physcologists and all.

The only day we have as a family together is Saturdays and we had a great food and house blessing gathering at Auntie Aprils, our favorite hang out spot on the weekends now.

My mom is in New Jersey again trying to help and decide what to do with my grandma. She is not able to do anything for herself. They are considering and interviewing care givers. Prayers please.

And that will wrap up the week and month of January!


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma and Remo. What tests have they done Remo? Did they test for Meniere's Disease? Weird. Hope he starts feeling better.

schoolgirl said...

Never heard of that. Will have to research that.The only thing they did was a complete blood count series. Only thing that showed up was very high closeterol. We are going to test his vision and eyes next. It is nice to skype to my mom everyday, but she is exhausted!!! They have an interview for a caregiver on Wed.

Mama Bear said...

Whew! What a week!

maybe strawberry said...

i hope the doc figures out what's causing Remo's's got to some sort of inner ear thing...?

i hope by now your job role has been set, if not, i'm sure they'll figure out something soon. at least you're getting paid! yay!

keep us updated on your grandma