Thursday, November 5, 2009


So this has been a rough and tough week at work. I have a student whose disability is getting out of her seat. She is so so fast that in a split second before you can blink she may try and run out the door, find candy, playdough, or the worst is lash out for no reason at other kids or adults. She has bit four kids this week. 2 were not in my class. I do have aides in my class, but this student needs a one on one to literally sit and hold her hand. I am having a meeting with the whole team including principal to see if we can get her on a behavior plan or get her own private aide. The greatest challenge teaching special needs children is taking away from the learning instruction time to focus and redirect behavior needs and issues.

I am really going out of my way by dressing up at work, over preparing and planning, and just being polite and nice to everyone I meet in the hallways. Still no official word yet. I am not concerned though. Sounds like there is a need for this field and if I stay great, if not, God has something else in mind and ready for me. I am just waiting for my financial aide to clear so I can get the credential ordered. So frustrating waiting on other people to do their jobs!

I had really wanted to reserve a bed and breakfast weekend in honor of our 10th anniversary, but it is too late to book Julian. Please give me some other romantic getaway ideas we could do. I miss spending alone time with my hubby. We only get that on the weekends and we are both too tired to even do anything. I want to make the anniversary special. Just want to get away Friday-Sunday somewhere. Suggestions please??????


maybe strawberry said...

wow it sounds like you have very challenging kids!

how far are you willing to drive for a weekend? peter and i went to lake arrowhead one year and it was very romantic

Mama Bear said...

How about a 3 day cruise? You can rent a cabin at William Heise campground or any cabin near Julian.

Or you can do one of those themed cabins at Big Bear. LOL!!! See me if you want more info. We did that one year. =)

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Santa Barbara, or up along the coast somewhere. You can see otters swimming in the ocean.