Saturday, October 31, 2009

This and That

So, the swine flu vaccines are at Kaiser and Remo took the kids this week. The wait was an hour and Emeline missed some school for a bit, but what the heck. They got the spray nasal mist. Remo and I don't qualify as of yet to get it. We are not in the high risk category. We were able to get the regular flu shot though. We all have gotten the regular shot and haven't been ill for 4 years. So we are firm believers in it. So in a month the kids will need another dose. I plan on getting them the regular flu shot too. I just figure they are free and it is better to be protected and safe then sorry later, I hope.

Work is wonderful. I finally have a routine going and feel comfortable and confident about everything. We just finished a unit on pumpkins. Time for Thanksgiving and then Christmas! I love this time of year! Also, my school sent me to a curriculum training yesterday for half a day. Why would they send a sub to this kind of intense training? I have heard rumors from some of the aides that they may ask me to stay on! I don't want to get my hopes up just yet. But that would be soooo wonderful and what a blessing if I got the job permanently. The kids have definitely grown on me and I kept thinking of them during my meeting yesterday.

My own kids have been fighting like cats and dogs lately. You would think they would be happy to see each other after not seeing each other for several hours. They get along for about an hour and then the bickering begins. I know they are just kids, but when you work with kids all day and then have to come home to more kids, it makes for a grumpy and not happy mommy. Oh well. I do love them! I love to listen to their conversations and made up scenarios when they play. They have been playing and imitating the wedding lately. So cute!

Have a safe Halloween! We will be getting together with the K. grandparents to honor my dad's birthday and trick or treat in the grandparents neighborhood.


maybe strawberry said...

that's great about your job. it sounds like your employer likes you, why would they invest in sending you to training if you were only going to be there for a short while. hope you had a safe and fun halloween

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

That's great! I hope it works out for permanent employment. They say that being teacher is great birth control! ;) LOL!

schoolgirl said...

thanks, I am not setting my hopes on this, but there are plenty of other opportunities out there. ahahaha Val, so true, the hubby has been getting less since I have been working. :)