Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week in Review

So glad September is finally here. August just seemed to be a long long month. Emeline is adjusting to grade 1 quite nicely. I am so glad she has a teacher who will push and challenge her. It is amazing to see how Emeline has grown in her academics from K and how neat and mature she has become in her writing and school skills. She also lost her top front tooth this week and was so excited to be the "first one" in class to put her name on the lost tooth chart. I have felt sad that I don't get to bring her in the morning, but daddy is doing better with the whole school routine and being the "stay at home daddy" thing. Hey, I can't complain, as long as the kids are clothed, fed, and on time for school that is all that really matters right?

I feel so bad for Noah and am wishing that maybe I should have just put him in school. Poor boy is so bored out of his mind at home. He misses me and Emeline being gone all day that he doesn't know how to express his feelings except to be so mean to us girls. He will be starting a 10 week preschool type class with Jada for 10 weeks starting sept. 21. Noah was so excited we had to go out and buy a lunchbox and backpack so we could be like sister. I think the class will be great for him to learn behavior and structure so he will be ready for K. In fact I am considering getting free materials from the county to do home school K with him. He does go to grandma K's house once a week too. Emeline had so much more prep for school and just blossomed. Noah can't even sit still for 10 minutes. I am tired of saying "it's because he is a boy."

I will begin taking over full reign of the classroom next week for the final 3 weeks of my placement. I have already made many contacts and leads for future employment. I think I will just aim to sub until Noah officially goes to school next fall. I heard from a friend that she gets called every day to sub. That is encouraging.

This 3 day weekend I want to do NOTHING. Remo's cousin and my sister are planning to be in town. We also hope to have a new niece soon too! Be safe and enjoy your day of labor too!

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Mama of 2 Hapas said...

I think subbing is a good idea, too. My dad got called almost every day when he did it down there. And then you can say "No" if you need to. I don't know Noah that well, but Ryan was definitely not as prepared to for school as Ella already is. I do think boys are different!