Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nobody's perfect

So, I am teaching math and language arts and have my first evaluation on Thursday. I am not nervous about the teaching, just the behaviors of the kids. :) Two have been having fit epoisodes this week.

Tonight was Emeline's back to school night. She has 19 in her class at SDA. It is sad that not too many parents came. I was happy to finally be able to see her room and officially meet the teacher. She is a family friend and has been teaching since forever, Mrs. Stephens. She is very old fashioned yet very organized. It will be a great year I am sure. I was told by the teacher that Emeline's daddy "needs to step it up." Emeline has been late 2 out of the first 4 days of school and her back pack and lunch were left at home today! I lay her clothes out every morning and make sure her stuff is by the door. I do what I can. At least daddy is trying. He did bring me home a lemon tort cake and coffee ice cream, as make up gifts. Can't get mad at a guy for trying. We are all having a tough time with our new schedules. I guess it is true that the family just would not function without the mommy. We just got to stick it out and work together for the next 5 weeks. It doesn't help that we have a bad heat wave hitting us too. At least tomorrow is already Wed.


Courtney007 said...

oh wow, Mrs Stephens! She is a great teacher! I so glad Emiline is going to the academy! When we have kids, we want them to go there too.

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Every year like clockwork, when school starts, a heat wave hits.

Ryan was late to school last year almost every day with Mohri taking him. Which is why I changed by schedule at work, and this year, I take him to school. Although yesterday, we were 40 minutes late because on the way to school he spilled his whole bottle of chocolate milk in his lap! Oh, well, even with the best intentions, sometimes, s**t happens! :)

Reviews are always nerve wracking. Good luck!

maybe strawberry said...

yeah, good luck with your review!! i hate those, i get so nervous. but you will do great!

sorry emeline has been last 2 times already. hopefully remo will sleep more in the night so he can be up on time in the morning.

schoolgirl said...

courtney: yes, when are you going to start your family? Better hurry, Mrs. Stephens may retire before too long

Valerie: you are so true about the s happening with best intentions

Grace and Val: Thanks for the good luck! :)

Mama Bear said...

Courtney: You better start saving your money for the academy. And I'm not even kidding! It's about 4,300 for the entire year's tuition. K is $450/month and I think high school is about $600/month. By the time your future kids is in school, it will be even more than that. Yes, you can faint now. I did......