Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Germ Attack

So Sunday night Emeline says she is tired after swimming and wants to rest. I told her she could rest in the car as we headed to see the cousins. Within just 30 minutes she was HOT and FLUSHED and spiked a fever. She also complained it hurt to swallow her spit. Since other family had just gotten over strep, I took her in and left Noah behind with relatives. We get to Kaiser urgent care to find it empty and closed. Emeline is crying and we had driven 40 minutes already. We ended up at PV ER. After 2 hours of waiting were seen. No culture was done, no strep officially diagnoised, but she was put on antibiotics after I gave the spill about strep in the family. She continued to have high fevers for 3 days and vomiting. I think the antibiotic was not good for her. I was ready to take her back in, but finally on day 4 fever broke and her symptoms turned more into a bad cold.

I started having a sore throat Sunday late so Monday morning was my turn to the doctor. They did a throat culture so in a week we will see what kind of nasty stuff is growing in there. I was put on antibiotics too.

Remo as a precaution went to the doctor after me. He got a culture done too so we shall see if his nasty matches mine. He did not take the antibiotic cause he is feeling fine. He has it though in case he feels the need. He has developed a nasty hacking cough though.

Noah is the tough cookie in the family, and has been fine. No fever, no complaints of sore throat. He just has his usual snorting and has developed a chronic cough and. So, in went Noah to the doctor. His throat was pink and healthy. His prognosis is ALERGIES. We are trying Claritin and the Flonase. If it worsens as he gets older he may have to go through the testing. Yucky. But for now he doesn't seem too bothered.

Just when mid week approaches and I think we are all doing much better BAM we are all hit with stuffy, runny noses, and coughs. Just a bad bad cold I think. Not much to avoid the germs when we share and live and breathe on one another constantly. This STINKS! We can't be with or play with our extended family at all. I am hoping that this is it our big attack of the sicks for the year. We are generally a healthy family and are not sickly. It just has been a stir crazy indoor boring week. The AC has been nice. Perhaps we will go outdoors a bit to ride bikes and play. Please pray that these nasty germs will just go away!!


maybe strawberry said...

so sorry for all the sickness!! i think i have a cold too! i've been stressed out recently and then been in really hot and then in really cold environments and then just overdid it by doing too much physical labor. so i took today off and just resting. i'm so exhausted right now. but since i'm home updating my blog since it's been neglected for a week or come see the pictures. hope you all feel better by the weekend. i think we'll skip church this sabbath. peter is really tired and needs to catch up on sleep... but we'll see you sat afternoon and evening

schoolgirl said...

good idea, I think we will just rest on sabbath too. :)