Sunday, May 3, 2009

Warm Weekend

I was so happy it didn't rain and was sunny and warm this weekend. 70;s just perfect.  Had a nice Sabbath lunch with the Barizo's.  Came home to nap a bit.  Then Remo took the kids to watch the Pacquio fight.  I stayed home and was able to finally spend some quality quiet time on my thesis.  I managed to get the introduction done.  Not much, but that is a start and I don't feel so stressed that nothing is done.  Today was our last Adventurer meeting for the year.  Just need to prepare for the end of the year program.  Rest of day was spent cleaning and preparing for the week.  We had hired some workers to cement the back yard.  Remo fired them today after a very disappointing half way job.  Now we need to get someone to complete the yard.  We have all the supplies at least.  The hubby never gets angry and it takes a lot to tick him off.  It wasn't a pretty scene.  Pray we can get the yard finished for Noah's birthday party.  Well, I still haven't had time to look through and post any vacation pictures yet.  I will try this week.  Hoping you all have a good one.

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maybe strawberry said...

oh no! sorry about the problem you had with those people cementing your backyard! remo did mention that he wasn't happy so far with their work yesterday. i hope you didn't loose lots of money to them. ask remo if me and peter can cement the backyard. i know remo probably knows how to do it and since his back is hurting, can he just supervise us and tell us what to do? just a thought, but we'd be glad to help.

i'm so glad you were able to start working on your thesis. we did miss you though at the pacquio party.