Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Warning: A bit of venting

Sorry but I have to vent a little, and I didn't want to do it on facebook.  Why are men such big babies when they have pain?  The hubby has developed back problems that have gotten severly worse over the last year or so.  He went to the doctor and all they know how to do is prescribe drugs as a cure.  Husband is supposed to take steriods and he got an order to not go to work for the next 5 days.  Ok, fine.  I do feel sorry for the hubby I do, but that does not mean he needs to be on disability from the home help too.  This thesis stuff is hard core, and it is not some petty research it is extensive deep research.  Well, since I never get time to work on it it will probably take me 5 years or more.  Kids have been a big fat pain in the booty this week too.  Sorry just had to blow off some steam.  If only the weekend could get here a bit faster please. 


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

What type of back pain? Has he tried physical therapy? It's what has helped me the most....way better than chiropractors.

maybe strawberry said...

that's too bad. sorry for all the housework and school work you have to do without remo's help, i'm sure it's very challenging. i don't know how intense his back pain is, but if it's pretty bad, maybe taking care of kids or housework is harder than sitting at a computer all day. i don't know, just a thought. but i have noticed that men are more babies then women when it comes to pain. remo called me last night and said he is trying to be healthy now and doesn't eat food for pleasure anymore. i'm sorry, but i won't believe it until i see it (long term), because he's done this time and again and i think the reason he fails is that he too extreme. he says now he has the motivation becuase he's 40 now. i don't know...he said he was motivated when biggest looser with money on the line, and also when he had chest pain...but once the pain is gone or he dosen't care about the money anymore, he'll just give in because he's so deprived of his favorite foods. sorry for the long rant i'm sure you know all this. he's lucky to have you since you have been through the weight loss thing and been sucessful at it. oh, and i also made him a bet that he won't make it...i really hope i loose becuase i do want him to succeed.

schoolgirl said...

The doctor thinks it is a muscle strain or dislocated disc. If after 5 days it doesn't improve he will go back for another eval. Remo does not believe in chiropractors. Physical therapy huh?

I too ranted and got a bit carried away in my post. When one member of the family is down it puts a huge strain on the other. That is all I wanted to say.

Wow, Grace thanks for helping encourage Remo to get on the ball about being healthy. I really thought by seeing me do it he would join in. I really feel too that by him eating healthier alot of his aches and pains will go away. I think he is scared. I am scared too, because I really do care about him and if he were permantly disabled or something tragic happen, I would just be devastated!!!! Let's keep it positive and cheer him on!!

maybe strawberry said...

yeah, i believe you are right. when you're overweight, that puts a huge strain on your body. plus he avoids all types of exercise even easy stuff like walking and there's nothing but positive findings with research done about esercise.

i hope that by me taking noah tomorrow you can have some time to yourself. i can only imagine how hard it is to have 2 kids and take care of school and husband.

tiffany said...

sorry youre feeling stressed. i hope remo finds a solution for his back problem.