Monday, April 13, 2009


I have decided that on the weekends I will literally waste away and do absolutely no thinking, major housework, or chores.   This weekend was so very warm and nice.  We attended church, had a get together with cousins for Easter festivities and food, then Sunday attended a young adult gathering.  I got to experience Whole Foods and Trader Joes for the first time too!  Thanks Grace and Peter for letting us tag along for the ride!  I was able to experiement and buy some different healthy versions of snacks, ice cream, and goodies for Remo and kids.  I really want to be a good wife and mommy and cook better healthier meals for the fam.  The hubby has gotten dangerously chubby and rather then nag him about his weight I will just cook better and more healthier meals for him.  He is good and does eat my cooking.  If I don't cook he will just snack and eat T.V. dinner food.  It does take time to prepare and plan ahead, but that is my new goal.  

I am having second thoughts about going through with the masters stuff too.  I am having a talk with my counselor this week.  If it really is going to be more classes and work then anticipated and cause my health to be affected due to less sleep and added stress I may just say the heck with it.  I need to spend this last year zeroing in on my son and his educational needs and preparations.  We'll see.

Have a great week.


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Oh, man, do not give up now when you're so close. Believe me, I know how you feel...I wanted to quit dental school so badly (I effectively did quit for a quarter or two by getting sick, and then by not attending)....anyway, I went to counseling for a few weeks and got over the depression and was able to finish, even tho it took me longer. Get some help (outside couneling), but stay strong and finish! You're so close! Good Mommies do things they need to do to be fulfilled, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice yourself in everything for your children. Noah will learn...he's a boy, they are always behind girls until the 3rd grade or so, so don't worry about him. They need to start later than girls, anyway.

maybe strawberry said...

Easter weekend was wonderful, wasn't it? thanks so much for boiling all those eggs for use to decorate!

Wendy, you can finish your masters! i know you can! i'm sure it's very challenging to have to do even more than you initially thought, but you're almost done! and you've done great so far. you want me to take Noah on Fridays so that you have a free day to sleep or do homework?