Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Half way

So happy the week is half over.  This has been by far the most challenging one.  I have been goal driven and am doing everything I can to just survive and make sure my grade stays at passing point.  It has been extremely frustrating cause I am an A and B student and this current C is killing me.  But I figure, I am almost done all I want to do is just pass. 2 weeks more.  Emeline has been getting on my last nerve with her constant dawdling and not listening and obeying.  I have had to come down more hard core on her this week.  I hate that.  But if we don't nip some things in the bud now, it will come back to bite me harder later.  I dread the teen years.  Noah has been very needy this week.  My husband has been well too testostrony this week.  Ewww.  I am on my period so that takes care of that. So looking forward to the weekend so I can let loose and be fancy free.  Could the weekend please be here already.     

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