Monday, March 30, 2009

Catch Up

I am on face book way more then here, but I do enjoy being more detailed on this blog.  Here is catch up review of our lives from the last posting.

School--Finished my freakin research class finally with a solid B.  Yea!  All graduation gear ordered. Begin the dreaded theis on April 6.  Found out for some reason I now have 4 instead of 2 classes to obtain the masters.  Still checking on why.  

Kids--Got done having spring break.  It was nice we stayed local and enjoyed Seaworld, Shelter Island, parks, and caught up on shopping and projects.  Noah is becoming more social and actually lets people take his picture.  Emeline spiked a fever tonight and is yet sick again.  Got to love Kindergarten, giant pool of germs.

Hubby--Had a surprise early 40th for him last weekend.  He was really surprised it was great. So many people came.  What can I say?  My guy is quite the guy.  His back is slowly healing.

I am off this week and I plan to just kick back and enjoy doing nothing for a bit before taking on the next class.  Plans include some shopping for our short cruise end of April.

That's a wrap for now. Chow.

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maybe strawberry said...

i hope the school give you a darn good reason for telling you at the last minute you now have 4 classes instead of 2. sorry about that!!

i hope you enjoy your week off!