Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I was able to get out and go to a birthday party carnival on Sunday.  I was able to eat and feel ok.  Monday I had no appetite to eat all day.  Today my appetite is coming back.  I was able to eat!!! No more pains in my stomache and did not have to take anything for my headache. Whew.  Now if only I could poo.  I am so regular and it has been 3 days of nothing now.  Just glad to have the old me back.  I enjoyed taking Noah to Dr. Suess celebration at the library today.  We got some books, and then headed to a park to play.  It felt good to spend some quality time with my boy.  He hasn't gotten near as much one on one as Emeline had at his age.  That is so sad.  He is so lovable and just sweet.  I wish I could just freeze frame him still so he won't ever leave this stage or grow up.  I was able to tackle house chores finally and have a midterm due in 4 days that I have done nothing on yet.  Hope your week is shaping up to be good too.


tiffany said...

glad you're feeling better!

maybe strawberry said...

i'm so happy you are feeling better! i'm sure you'll have a BM after you have eaten a bit more food. sounds like you had a very nice time with noah, he is such a sweetheart and i hope i can babysit him again soon. good luck with your midterm!