Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow Bound

Can I just say I love Target! I was near Target today and it kind of spoke and lured me in. Decided to just check out what gear they had for the kids for our weekend up at the snow in a week. They had 3 pairs of ski gloves left, all on sale for 8 dollars each. I wanted the old fashioned long johns for the kids to wear underneath. Found hanes sweats instead for 4 dollars each top and bottoms. The athletic section had waterproof pants for 10 bucks. So, we are set and ready for the Big Bear Snow! I also found cute football utensils and paper products for our superbowl party in the dollar section! Took Noah to the park to play today and he found the perfect 2 twig sticks for arms for the snowman we hope to make! I love finding great baragins!

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maybe strawberry said...

i'm glad you found such good bargains and are ready for big bear! yay it is going to be so fun