Monday, January 12, 2009

Catching Up

Friday was errand and chore day. Saturday was church. My brother got his car broken into in the church lot during the service. I feel so bad. Sunday we took an Adventurer fieldtrip to Bates Nut Farm in Escondido. It was so nice to break away from the city and experience the country and real nature. Noah was so happy to crunch and play in all the leaves. Emeline was fascinated with all the trees. There were trees covering the road that she kept saying "Look tree tunnels." There was a little farm with animals that we got to feed. We were able to knock off 3 honors classes while being there. I don't want to talk about the sad Charger game on Sunday. It was painful. We are having 80 degree weather this week. I am not complaining. Just a bit odd for winter and January, but this is SD and I do love the sun! Rest of this week will be preparing for our trip to Big Bear. Can't wait. So excited to just take a vacation! We got a queen size air bed for the kids to sleep on. Mommy and daddy are not letting any kids sleep in their king size bed. Besides, we need to have fun too! Hehehe. Have a good and prosperous week.


maybe strawberry said...

i'm sorry about brad's car getting broken into, and at church! attempted break in happened twice to peter's toyota at pv church. they ruined the lock on the door but didn't get in.

glad you had a nice time at the bates nut farm. i love tree lined streets, so pretty

only 5 more days til big bear! i hope there's snow

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

I was just going to say, with 80 degree weather, I wonder if there will be snow up there?

Mama Bear said...

I will be sooooooooo sooooooo sad if there is no snow!!!! =( You would think that planning a trip in mid Jan, we would be guaranteed snow. ~~~~~~ Positive vibes ~~~~~~~

JaneReyGar said...

Doesn't that suck that people would steal (anything, really) but especially from a CHURCH!! Our church secretary at South Bay had her car stolen too from the church parking lot. She never got it back, but that's probably what happens when you're so close to the border. It doesn't take long to take a stolen vehicle to Mexico before it's reported!