Monday, December 22, 2008

Vacation Begins

Haven't gotten my final grades for my class and probably won't till after the holidays, but I can say I did a smashing final presentation! No more studying or stress of school for 2 weeks!

Saturday evening Remo and I were able to go on a hot date to the Olive Garden. We ate everything from appetizers to dessert. We just lived it up and enjoyed ourselves. It was so nice to just be ALONE with my hubby. We haven't been out on a date since I can't remember. How sad. New Year resolution--more dates with the hubby!

Then we packed the car and the 4 of us drove up to a motel near Knotts. The next day we met some Adventurer families for a day of fun. It seems everyone else had the same idea in mind for the weekend. With the toy for tots drive you bring in a 10 dollar toy in exchange for a ticket to the park. Even though we were able to do just 4 things, the kids had a blast. So glad we had our motel to retreat back to for another night. It was a nice mini vacation that we all needed. Next year maybe we should just go straight to Disneyland!

We are in for another week of rain. Hopefully it will get us out of the drought.


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Another good idea from Mormons, they really stress Friday night "date nights" with spouses....a good idea, and they have a network of babysitters from the church...all the girls too young for their youth dances babysit. Kind of nice.

maybe strawberry said...

i'm glad you enjoyed your date with remo. we'll be glad to babysit for you when you want to go out again

Mama Bear said...

My parents watch my son overnight (he spends the night at their house) every other Saturday night (if nothing is going on). It's a nice time to just reconnect with the spouse since we are always so busy during the week. We don't always go out either. Sometimes we just hang out at home, cuddle on the couch and watch tv. The little one has soo much fun there that he doesn't even want to come home the next day.

Shadow eX said...

Joan and I wish we had more dates. We take them when we can get them.