Friday, December 19, 2008

9 Years Ago....

Happy anniversary to my love, partner and best friend!!!!!!! Too bad we have to work on this special day, but can't wait for our hot date tomorrow night!

When I sat on the bed to wish the hubby Happy Anniversary he informed me that he had a surprise! He pulls back the bedsheets and says "Paco has diarreah." Yuck! Sure enough there were lovey surprises all over the sheets. Needlessly to say I now have laundry to add to my to do list and wash the dog!

Happy weekend!


Mama Bear said...

Uh.......... Since it's your anniversary, I think REMO should've taken care of the "surprise". Happy Anniversary!!!!!

maybe strawberry said...

i was thinking that you were going to say he pulled back the sheets and was naked. ha ha ha!! sorry about the poop all over your bed. happy anniversary to you guys!