Thursday, December 4, 2008

No News Yet

Well, my hubby was off today. All 4 of us got to go with the Kindergarten to Legoland! There was nobody there really, except school groups. We got to ride many things more than 3 times each with NO WAITING! Even Disneyland never offers "Would you like to stay on and ride again?" We all had a blast. Coming home we hit the worst SD traffic ever. Hubby got sick and we had to pull over for a bit. We were going less than 5 miles an hour all down 805. Made it to half of my class at least. I am still up from being wired with coffee. Remo kept checking in with Courtney and Grace today. His work emails get forwarded to our home and so far no news on Remo being cut. He works next on Sunday. But if they were going to cut him wouldn't they have the decency to do it in person or on the phone? So far so good I guess. Happy early weekend!

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maybe strawberry said...

i'm sure remo is safe because they notified everyone yesterday