Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It is nice that we have a temporary tenant who moved into the garage rental, but not sure for how long. The master bedroom may become vacant soon too! I just found out that the loans for my schooling are not enough. Remo finds out tomorrow the situation at Cox and what departments and who will be getting cut! I also have to design a handicap technology, write a research paper, and begin Emeline's birthday invitations! When I am stressed and anxious I binge eat on junk food! No no, must not give in to that after working so hard to maintain myself. Stress is not good for the body I know but it is hard to stay focused when everything is on the edge! Eeeek! Perhaps I will go sweat out the stress in a cardio workout! I chose to eat instead. :(

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maybe strawberry said...

oh, so sorry for all the stress! and money stresses are the worst! i hope you keep your income with steady renters and that remo keeps his job. don't worry about getting off track with healthy eating, it happens. today you can start anew