Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gettin Er Done

Another class done and successfully completed this weekend. The instructor brought us all starbucks and chocolate the day of the final! Wow! Was nice to have a bit of a more relaxed class. Start another one on Tuesday. This is with the hard core lady I had in the past. Just keep thinking June 7 GRADUATION!! I have a graduation flyer posted above my computer as a postive motivator! I am enjoying my weekend. Went to church and then mom and dad B. took us out for Thanksgiving lunch. Headed to Belmont park to hang out with the young adult gang and new pastor. It was a bit chilly, but great to be outdoors. The kids wanted to ride the coaster but for a little over a minute ride it would have been 6 bucks a person! What a rip! Today we have Adventurers and rest of day will be spent tidying up and doing chores. Emeline is off this whole next week. Daddy will be in charge for the first half of the week since mommy still will have school. I am just looking forward to sleeping in each morning!


maybe strawberry said...

did you have fun at belmont park with pastor geoff? i wanted to go and spend more time with him and his wife. they seem like a really nice addition to pv church

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Ryan has the week off, too. Since when did that start? We used to go to school until noon on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.