Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Almost a Perfect Day

Most of us old San Diego Academy folk remember the track and field day events! We had a much bigger field to play on back then. Well, I was a volunteer parent for the "Olympic Day" as they call the old track and field day now. Besides being a very warm day, it was a lot of fun and brought back so many happy memories. I loved cheering on the kids and watching them compete and travel through the different events was delightful and I was all caught up in being a kid again. Stephanie was in charge of it all and everything was organized and mapped out to the tee. It made for a very smooth and stress free fun day! Emeline was a tad sad she didn't get any ribbons, but all the kids did get medals for participating. Her favorite events were all the running ones, hurdles, 50 yard dash, and baton relay. In a year she will have longer legs. She did have a blast and that is what matters most. The Kindergarten class was the most hilarious to watch and needed the most prompting and direction. Such cuties! Everyone got off to bed early. I checked my email one final time before wrapping up the evening. My sister and I were thrilled to buy tickets for my dad's birthday to see Celine Dion when she comes to San Diego next week. Ticketmaster just informed me THE SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELED!!!!! I am so bummed. I was planning to cut class that night too! I am going to call them tomorrow to find out why. I still can't believe that. Nothing else left to do, so I should head off early to bed too.


maybe strawberry said...

i loved track and field day. that's so nice that you got to be there that day. it sounds like a lot of fun. i would have loved to see emeline and her classmates compete. i'm sure it was great watching them. little kids are hillarious

Mama Bear said...

Do they still collect money based on how many laps they run? I remember sponsoring some kids a long back with that. Sounds like fun though!!!!!