Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

Columbus Day
Lots of people have off today, mostly government folk, but NOT me. Boo hoo! It is just chores and homework as usual. Emeline had school and Remo has to work too.

Had a fun weekend. Attended some of the Filipino SDA convention, played at a "super park"(Noah's words), sang some karaoke, enjoyed yummy breakfast at B. grandparents, and went to Adventurers. Tomorrow I get to go to Seaworld with the Kindergarten class Whew!

This will be a boring week. I have a research project/powerpoint due in a week and a final to study for. At least I am loving the weather. Sunny and warm days, cold and chilly nights.

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Mama Bear said...

Not just a super park, but a "super duper park."