Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend Ready

Did anyone else think this week just flew by? Thursday I baby-sat our neighbor. Well, she was my testing protocol for my class. Friday was spent doing chores and preparing for the weekend. My teacher emailed me and our group project was successful! We got all 100 points! There is no class next week due to the holiday. But that doesn't mean I am assignment free. We can also use 2 pages of notes on the midterm. Wow. Things are looking brighter. Noah got a pretty deep puncture wound today on his foot. Emeline broke a plate last night. I was tired and lazy and didn't take out the bag of trash with the broken plate. Noah was jumping around like a bunny and jumped on the trash this morning. It gushed blood for a while, but it wasn't deep enough to stitch up. We are keeping it clean and freshly bandaged. My poor baby boy. I feel guilty and like a bad mommy. I must go and whip up something for potluck. Have a wonderful weekend!

Family 2
I just realized the mom is pregnant in this photo. This was the only happy family of four picture I could find. Hehehehehe!

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Mama Bear said...

hehe.... Is that picture an omen for things to come?? j/k =)