Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lazy but Productive Weekend

Went to SS and then to El Cajon church. It was my LAST sabbath to be in charge of the Kindergarten. Another mom will be stepping up to the plate. Thank god. I am tired of kicking everyones butt around here on Sabbath mornings. I don't want Sabbath to be a yelling and negative experience, which has sadly become. Now with no pressure to be there before 9:30 I can relax and get into the right spirit and lead the family to do so likewise. It was comunion at El Cajon and I am glad we got there in time to participate. It has been a long time, and it felt nice. I bumped into my old boyfriend before Remo. He is married and has two kids. After 10 minutes of us saying hi and into the service, his family took off. I feel bad. But that was a long time ago and we both have MOVED ON NOW. Oh well. Maybe they had to go or be somewhere. Saturday afternoon the hubby and I rearranged our house. Then we crashed and SLEPT till 7:00 p.m. Mom and dad B. came over to watch the Manny P. fight on our new T.V. Both tenants were gone till late so I took advantage and did laundry till midnight. Sunday was spent doing a half day of chores and then I crashed again around four. I did a bit of baking, a sort of practice run on some things I am making for my birthday dinner. Everything was a success. Now I will do a bit of boring school stuff. There is no class this week, but LOTS of projects. Then I will lay in bed to watch T.V. and wait for the hubby to get off work! Happy week!


maybe strawberry said...

i wish i was there to see jose at church. next time.

monkeyballsblitz said...

call me when you want to go to sea world. anytime except monday and wednesday. =)