Friday, June 13, 2008


Happy T.G.I.F and weekend! Several of you women folk reported feeling sluggish in your blogs a few posts back. That has been me lately. I noticed that a pain behind my ears has been chronic for a month now. A headache behind the left eye and left lobe of my head appeared too. Then today all the lymph nodes in my neck, under my chin, and back of skull hurt too. Maybe I am fighting something. Weird. I have no fever or any indicators of being sick. Wonder if it is old age setting in. Or maybe just the everyday duties is draining me dry. I do have to schedule a trip for a physical so maybe I will ask and get some tests done. We celebrated dad B.'s birthday and father's day by going out to an oriental buffet on Thursday. We celebrated Remo a bit today by going to the zoo for a bit. Tomorrow we will celebrate my dad with a ferry ride around the bay. Happy dad's day to all the fathers out there!
Fathers Day 2


Mama Bear said...

We are doing the ferry ride around the bay too, but on Sunday, after the birthday party. Hopefully, we will both have gorgeous weather for the ferry ride.

maybe strawberry said...

sorry about the pain. hope you are feeling better now