Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lazy Gloom

The weather has been cold and overcast most of the week. Today we got a sprinkle of rain. Wish it would just rain hard or something. I don't like the gloom. It has been nice because I got to just be lazy and hang out with the hubby a lot till he went to work this week. We ate in bed and just had fun doing nothing. It wasn't too nice to be outside, but it was nice to just snuggle and be inside. I did do some things for myself this week besides exercise. I made stewed cabbage, whole wheat zucchini muffins, and did a thank you craft for the gifts Noah got. On tap for the weekend are celebrations and ceremonies for A. April, and a baby shower. The hubby had wanted to work on Memorial Day to get extra pay, but I am glad that it didn't work out. He wants to go see a movie. It is kind of an I O U for his birthday. Enjoy your long weekend everyone!
Arlington Cemetery


tiffany said...

I'm with you. I loathe the gloom. It's supposed to be gone by Sunday. =/

Mama of two hapas said...

We're cold and rainy all weekend, too. Skip Indy and do either Ironman or Narnia. I heard Narnia was good, too.