Monday, May 26, 2008

3 Day Weekend

I was so happy that the sun decided to shine now and then and there was NO RAIN over the long weekend. Friday we attended the nice luncheon and pinning ceremony for A. April. It was decorated so pretty and the food was yummy too. It was like a wedding reception. Saturday we attended SS and church. Then headed over to help set up for the party for Auntie April in the p.m. More yummy food and karaoke fun! Sunday was the baby girl shower for Trimee! After getting lost for an hour and dealing with crabby and fighting kids all morning, it was nice to have some fun! Monday morning I spent laboring with chores. The afternoon was spent with the K. clan feeding ducks, playing at a park, and eating dinner together. Then it was off to Home Depot to purchase a new washing machine. Ugh. Our appliances are all 10 years old now and are due for a change. We splurged and got a Maytag. There was a 10% off for the holiday weekend and a free shipping rebate. So grand total was 334. Not too bad for a quality machine. And now I will spend time enjoying my hubby and what is left of this day, in bed! :-)

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