Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Spring Break for Me

Boo hoo! When you take month long classes you don't get any mercy like spring break. I had a midterm this week. I also have 7 papers to write and study for the final next week. CRAZINESS! I am really learning lots from this class. It has been the best so far. So on the up side that is good I guess. Thanks for your positive comments about my diet and exercise goals. I am sticking with it! My weight keeps fluctuating, but I am happy to say I did loose at least 2 pounds! Still a long way from my goal. But the exercise and strength training are really making me feel fabulous physically. I have so much more energy lately. Oh a funny. When I got out of the shower today Emeline and Noah were playing store and they were taking orders from Jamba Juice. Then I noticed half a bag of chicken nuggets from the freezer all laid out in front of their animals sitting at the kiddie table. They were playing McDonalds. They were sad when I said let's stick to the fake plastic food. Back to the books I go! Happy hump or should I say umph day!
Have A Nice Day


tiffany said...

Wow! You are busy. Glad you're feeling good though!

maybe strawberry said...

glad you are enjoying your class. sorry about all the papers! yikes!

monkeyballsblitz said...

lots of work!!! sucks!!! hope the time goes by fast... good luck writing your papers.