Friday, February 8, 2008

Surgery and Recovery

On Monday the hubby and I were at check in at Scripps Hospital at 6 a.m. The gowns were really cool and insulated with this warm heater vacuum. They even gave me stockings and booties to wear. I was all covered and snug. The hubby was able to stay with me until they wheeled me in to surgery. All I remember was getting help being shifted off the gurney onto the actual table. I felt a nasty sting and burn in my hand and that was that. Next, I remember being in the gurney bed and seeing my hubby. I was very dizzy and groggy. Someone came and gave me a big shot in my thigh. Then the nurse and hubby wheeled me and helped me into a real bed. I remained groggy and dizzy and sleepy all day.

Tuesday I was released at 3 p.m. only because I had trouble going to the bathroom on my own and couldn't proove I was able to stand and walk on my own till then. When I was home I stayed in bed the rest of the day and night. They gave me vicoden for pain. I only took it one time.

Wednesday I was able to walk around slowly and sit for a bit. The hubby helped me take a shower. I didn't like how the vicoden made me feel so I just started taking tylonel. I had not done a bowl movement in 2 days and when it all came forth in the later evening, I have never been happier to see poo!

Thursday I was able to fully stand and get around more so we took a short trip to the store. It felt nice to get out. I was able to shower without assistance and sit in a chair or on edge of bed. I think i tried to stand and get up too much too fast because the rest of the afternoon and evening I was in bed again. Really the most comfortable position is laying on my side. Still taking tylonel.

Today it is sunny and warm and I long to be outside. I think we will go to the park or Balboa park or something. The kids can play and I can just lay comfortable on a blanket. The pain gets less and less each day. It is equilvalent now to the after birth pains. I am able to just control it with tylonel. I still feel only a ting of light headedness. My private areas are still sore when I stand or sit too long. But overall I am doing great. We will see what the doctor says on Mon.

I am so thankful to the hubby who has stepped up and been a wonderful help with the kids and chores. He definitely will be rewarded on Valentine's Day! Can you give me some suggestions as to what I should get him or do? I guess I am an old fart wife cause I honestly don't have a clue!


Mama of two hapas said...

Glad you're feeling better and hope the surgery was successful!

tiffany said...

I'm glad that your surgery went well. Take it easy!

maybe strawberry said...

thanks for the update. i'm glad all went well with the surgery and that you are healing up. hope remo is letting you get lots of rest. sorry i haven't called or come to help out with the kids. been SO busy with preparing for the v day dinner at pv tomorrow. i knew it was going to be a huge job to make dinner and dessert for 230 people, but i didn't know how stressful it was going to be. i hope we will see you tomorrow.

Chris & Terri Lynn said...

I'm sure it is good to have that finished with. We are glad everything went well and you are feeling better.

monkeyballsblitz said...

glad you finally got your surgery done! i know youve been wanting it a long time =)