Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good News Good Day

So, we were getting ready for church this morning and what should appear was the missing camera we lost after Christmas. It was in our "Sabbath tote bag" all along. It has been over a month since we were all at church, and there it was. We decided to return the new one we just got to pay some credit card bills. I saw the surgeon this week and I will be having surgery on Feb. 4 to correct some woman things. It was a gorgeous and sunny Sabbath. The hubby was trying to eat oranges to become immune to any sickness. Well I guess you can really have TOO much of a good thing. He ate a whole bag of oranges and went through a total G.I. cleansing. So, I took the kids to Sabbath school and church. We met the whole B. clan for lunch at the hospital. The food was quite yummy. Then Auntie Grace took the kids to play outdoors at the Peter Sabbath football ministry. I picked up the kids and we went to feed ducks and spend the evening with the K. clan.
Big and exciting day in football tomorrow! Go Chargers!!!!!!!

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maybe strawberry said...

nice having the kids at football today. glad you have your surgery finally scheduled. and how nice that you found your camera!