Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twaz the Day After Christmas

What a wonderful and full day of Christmas we had. The hubby and I didn't get much sleep Christmas eve because we were up playing elves and Santa. Plus I was just so darn excited to see the kids reaction to it all Christmas morn. Kids were up by 8:45. They dug into their stockings with delight. We opened a few family gifts. Then we got all dressed up and headed to grandma B.'s house for breakfast and more gift opening. It was a lovely morning of feasting and fellowship. The kids reaction to things was just priceless. After the gifts the kids were all playing and the adults napped. In the afternoon we headed over to the K. grandparents for round 3 of opening and exchanging gifts. We had more feasting in the evening. I promise to post pictures in the next blog. Currently our car is still loaded with all the gifts. The house is a disaster from all my baking and wrapping paper. I guess you know what we will spend today doing. Just cleaning up and organizing so the new addition of toys will feel welcome and have a place to stay. It was a very happy and wondrous Christmas, but I am glad we have 365 days till we do it again! Enjoy the rest of your week!

P.S. The hubby did get me 2 very nice gifts, a heating blanket, and a new photo printer! Yay!

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maybe strawberry said...

we had a wonderful time with you guys. the kids were cute! thanks for the cookies!