Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ready for Change

I was watching a special on the today show and it really inspired me. It was about a woman who was in her 30's and weighed over 300 pounds. Her whole family was overweight too. She dieted and exercised and lost over half of it. Wow. If she can do it so can I! Ever since I have been working at home I am trying to be the good house wife and cook. However, I just eat whatever I want whenever I want. I don't exercise because I am too exhausted and tired. I hate myself in pictures. I hate looking at my body in the mirror. I am tired of wearing big clothes to hide my big belly. It is hard to even find things that fit my odd figure. I am very tired of people asking if I am pregnant and expecting again. I love my mom but I am embarrassed to admit that I am bigger than her now. Please don't criticize but the truth is I have gained 50 plus pounds in the last two years alone. My hubby is so sweet and wonderful. He says "there is just more of you to love." I so badly miss the figure I had when I met my husband. I want to change. I know it is possible. I have done it before. My hubby and I both want to begin the new year eating and exercising. Our main goal is to be around for our kids for a long time. I need the support of all my family and friends as I prepare for my change. I am a cook who has to follow a book. I was looking at the weight watchers book at costco. Any hints on simple yet healthy cookbooks I should buy? Thanks for letting me share my personal struggle and quest for a healthier me. Like I said, any helpful hints or suggestions I welcome your advice and encouragement.


Zordmaster said...

You asked for advice: Get rid of both scooters. Seriously, start there and you will see your energy increase. And don't put them away. Sell them so you won't have access to them at all. I have more suggestions, but I won't overwhelm you right now.

tiffany said...

Wendy, it's awesome that you've decided to make a change. It's totally doable! My advice; don't deprive yourself or you'll break. Everything in moderation and really, really try to at least walk everyday for at least 30 mins. I'm totally behind you guys on this!

maybe strawberry said...

good for you wendy! you can do it if both you and remo commit to doing this together and support each other. if it weren't for peter, i would be 50 lbs heavier than i am now.

i don't know if i have any other good advice becuase i am in the same boat as you. i am trying to loose weight, but it's taking a while. i'm trying to eat less and exercise more. i think we all know that is the basic thing to loosing weight, but it is SO hard!! i love food and i hate exercising. but good luck to you!

Mama of two hapas said...

I agree with Vangie: Get rid of the scooters....and good luck! It's a hard row to hoe, as they say! :)

Chris & Terri Lynn said...

The way I keep my weight under control is eat low calorie-dense foods and a good amount of fiber. The fiber makes me feel fuller and low calorie-dense food keeps me lighter. I can still eat lots that way. They say we eat about three pounds a day, and that can be either 4000 calories or 2000 calories depending on what type of food you are eating.

Another thing I do, which you probably don't want to do, is sign up for and run marathons. That definitely keeps my weight down.

Anyway, just find something that works for you, hopefully not a fad, and stick with it.