Monday, November 26, 2007

Feasting, and Family Adventures

So I will now update you on our mini vacation. Although we just hung out at home and locally, it was very relaxing and fun.

Thanksgiving day was spent with the K. grandparents. Despite all the comments on my survey, we decided to cheat and head to Home Town Buffet for our dinner. It was splendid. They had carvers for the beef, turkey, and ham. Not only were there the Thanksgiving fixings, but the kids ate french fries and pizza too! They actually ran out of turkey at 4:30. Wow. No fuss no mess. That was soooo nice. We came back to our place and played board games with the kids in the evening. Then on Friday we went to the B. grandparents for a breakfast brunch with another fabulous eating! We all got haircuts from grandma too!

Saturday I assisted at SS. While helping load adventurer stuff in the car during church, I dropped a wooden easel on my two small toes. I iced it for 45 min. Went home just as church was getting out. After 2 hours the pain was not subsiding so off to Kaiser we went to get it checked and X-rayed. No broken bone or cast. Just one of those special cool "moon like boots." My toes look like 2 little black olives and are still pretty sore. I only wear the shoe when I need to walk around. It has already been stepped on by the kids. There just is no resting or relaxing or putting your feet up when you are the mom! Oh well. Could have been much worse. Hubby and I got our flu shots in the afternoon. Then it was party time at Chuck E. Cheese with Nicholas. Kids and adults had a blast.

Sunday was Adventurers. It was kind of a cold day at the park. But my little lambs loved my projects and earned their Native American honor! We then took off up to Loma Linda to attend an engagement party for one of the hubby's elementary friends. We got up there kind of fast and had time to kill so we visited Auntie Keri and her boyfriend for a bit. She has a cute little apartment and an adorable kitty named Lexie. Went to the engagement party. Lots of middle eastern food and entertainment. Very interesting. We left at 8 and after an hour the hubby got real sick in the head and stomach. We had to sleep and call it a night at Motel 6 in Temecula.

We made it home safe and sound around noon today. Now I have a splitting headache and feel lousy. Wonder if we had a food reaction or a mild flu reaction from our shot. I also have my woman friend visiting now too. I should be resting, but there is a dangerously high pile of laundry to do and toys everywhere. Won't bore you with all the details of the chores.



Mama of two hapas said...

Probably the food, you can't get sick from the flu shot! Hope you're feeling better!

maybe strawberry said...

we missed you during thanksgiving. glad you had a good time though with no stress of making a big dinner. i didn't stress either becuase the bulgarian mom made everything.

sorry about the toe!! ouch! that probably hurt a lot. i know how bad it feels when i stub my toe, but your toes are really bruised.

i'm sorry i didn't answer your survey, i don't eat those veggie dogs often enough to know which one i like better...i'd have to eat them right after each other to tell you which i like better.

i have heard a possible side of effect of the flu shot can be a headache. but it'll pass, feel better

Zordmaster said...

I hope you guys are well enough to enjoy the weekend fun that we plan to have. Everyday this weekend is packed full of activities. Can't wait!

tiffany said...

What weekend activities?! I want to play!