Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend in Review/Burnout

Friday--Adventurer induction practice, shopping for induction clothes for Noah (na da), Sabbath baths

Saturday--Led out in Sabbath School, went to Chula Vista to officially welcome the new pastor, back to PV for a brief Adventurer meeting, grabbed some take out food, watched Evan Almighty (quite funny), family evening at mom and dad B.'s with aunties, uncles and cousins, and Popov parents.

Sunday--Adventurer morning, Wal-Mart trip, house cleaning, and tidying

I am getting burnt out and have decided that no matter how hard it is for me to let some things go, I have got to make some changes. I am too young to be going through midlife crisis. But if I don't take control over all my many duties, I feel I may break. I will be talking to the church pastor about cutting back on the church work. I love my church work, but we are committed every Sat. or Sun. for something. I don't get any quality time in with my family or even see the extended family much for that matter. Right now my family and school are my top priorities. I want to still continue with the Adventurers for Emeline and Noah's sake, but that is it. I must be strong and firm and just tell people NO. I feel so much like napping, but the house is in some serious cleaning. Kids are demanding my time and attention, so I will be a good mommy and turn my attentions to them now.

I FORGOT TO MENTION CONGRATULATIONS TO MOM AND DAD B. ON GETTING A NEW TOYOTA MINI-VAN. We saw it Sat. and I guess they got it last Wed. It is a beauty. Now they can tote all the grand kids around how nice!!!!!! :-)

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tiffany said...

Good for you! You've done a lot of work for the church, it's time for a vacation. =)