Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Book Dilemma, Baking, Pathfinders

So, one of the books I need has not come yet. I even expedited it too! When I looked online on FedEx it said it was in SD. So I called them and asked if I could pick it up from the wear house where it is just sitting. The guy on the phone said it was "in route" and there was nothing I could do. It should arrive Friday. Well, that means my weekend will suck as I have 1 whole chapter to read and things to respond to by the weekend. I won't be ordering from that person again. I am the kind of student who likes to get things done in a timely and orderly manner. As if I don't already have enough to do besides school. I can do some reading online, but the questions come from the book. So, to take my mind off of my dilemma I absorbed and spent half the day in kitchen. I made stuffed peppers and chocolate chip cookies (I doubled the recipe). Tonight was Pathfinder Adventurer sign ups. We have close to 20 kids and there is still one more night of sign ups. I am so excited about Emeline and Noah joining. I will be teaching the Little Lamb class ages 1-3. The club gets started this weekend. Hey it is the middle of the week already. My oh my. Kids are not the least bit sleepy. Gonna be a long evening. I am thankful that Daddy duty begins in 40 minutes. Adios.


Wife said...

I was a good mommy when I came home and input all of the adventurer's activities on our social calender. Looks like every weekend is chock full of activities. It's ok, it will be the boy busy and keep him out of trouble.

schoolgirl said...

I am so happy Nicholas will part of the club. I think the kids will have a blast. Yes, it does seem full, but the kids will have such fun. Better to keep them busy then bored eh? See you on Sunday.

maybe strawberry said...

i wish we lived closer to you becuase i want some of your chocolate chip cookies. that so exciting that the cousins will be in pathfinders together. sorry about your book!