Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just Chillin

I took it nice and slow today. Day of house projects and chores. I was busy preparing for the weekend and tomorrows adventure at Seaworld yet again. Big group coming and should be tons of fun! Well, I have much to still do before I sleep. Today the sun didn't come out until after 2:30 which was great because it kept the heat wave away we are having. Noah and Emeline learned a new word on Sabbath last week when we were at the bay. "Buoy." They kept saying it while they were playing today and laughing hysterically. They are so crazy sometimes. I love em. Ok, enough stalling now. Hi ho off to more housework I go!!!!!

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tiffany said...

Happy birthday Wendy!!! Thanks for having us over, it was a lot of fun. Hope you had a wonderful bday.