Sunday, July 8, 2007

Celebrating Good Times Yahoo

FRIDAY--Went to Seaworld again with the B. clan, Kellbach crew, and my sister Keri joined us too! We had never experienced the park at dark, so we went in the later afternoon and stayed till the fireworks which were close to 10 p.m. It was a bit more crowded then usual for a weekday, but we were able to see quite a few shows and exhibits. We indulged and splurged while we enjoyed some yummy funnel cake. It was just so nice to be with family and watch all the cousins mingle. I had fun getting to see and know Ella better! So glad you were here Valerie. I never tire of Seaworld. So happy we have passes.

SATURDAY--It was my turn to lead out SS and tell children's story. Came home to clean after that. Forgive me Jesus. At least I was humming Christian music while I worked. We had quite a crowd at our place in the evening. My mom said she counted 40 some people (including kids) at one point. It is hard to find time to just chill and hang with everyone, and our home was the chill out spot. It was so nice to see everyone just let loose and get crazy. And I mean crazy. We had the serious dancers and singers doing karaoke, we had the gamers on the computers in the kitchen, and Pastor Darren even opened his side up for those who wanted to watch T.V./movies. There were so many kiddies running and playing too! CRAZY but such good times. Thanks to all who came. I have many fond and fun memories. It was all about the food, fun, and fellowship. I couldn't have been happier! I did manage to get the hugest bruise ever after tripping over some toys. Glad it was me and not one of the kiddies. It was so cute the next day: Emeline said, "Oh mommy you got a big big owie, what happened. It's ok. I'm sorry mommy." Noah had the screw driver out and was trying to fix the broken toy. He sighed as he said. "Oh well, I can't fix it mommy. Who broke this toy?"

SUNDAY--Yeah my birthday!!! Yahoo! My sister and I spent the morning getting pedicures! My feet were in pretty yucky shape. The lady was really scrubbing pretty hard and for quite some time. My feet look so pretty and feminine now. They feel so silky and sexy smooth too! Ahhhh! We hit the new Eastlake Mall. Great exercise and lots of walking. Great way to burn and shed pounds. It was nice because the place was empty. The shops are places I have never heard of and are so outrageously priced. But it was fun to browse and dream on. I indulged and got the largest Carmel frapachino at Starbucks. Came home and made a pizza from scratch, enjoyed some cheesecake and Grace's lemon cupcakes. I don't feel any older or any different. I just am content, happy, and fancy free. Felt sorry for the hubs as he was trying to be cautious and careful due to the "Biggest Loser Game." Not me, not today. I will begin supporting him tomorrow. Oh shoot. It is late and I have to get up early to teach the lesson at VBS tomorrow. Gotta go! Thanks again for the many well wishes and coming to our get together on Sat. I feel loved and I love you guys too!!!!!


grace said...

happy birthday wendy! so glad you had a good time this weekend.

Mama of two hapas said...

We had so much fun with you guys at Sea World and at the party on Sat. night! You guys are crazy with the singing! We miss you all!

Wife said...

Glad you had a great birthday, Wendy! Thanks for giving us a reason to have a party =) Noah is too funny about his observation of the aftermath of the party "Who broke this toy?" heheh........... Cute!