Friday, June 1, 2007

Thank God Friday is Here

This week was long and not so sweet for us, and I am thankful for the weekend!!! Emeline is finally on the road to recovery. She is showing more cold symptoms now--runny and stuffy nose. At least with that we know what we are dealing with and how to treat it. Noah has had a snort of sorts for the past 2 weeks like allergies. He is not sick, but has difficulty breathing. When did you mommies find out about Nicholas and Ryan's alergies? Are they on any medications? Is there something over the counter I could get and try? Remo had asthma as a child and I had bad allergies, so maybe he inherited a bit of both. The hubby is off today and tomorrow so I am looking forward to some much needed R and R! Today I am busy playing the role of nurse, teacher, mommy, and housekeeper. Just getting chores and preparations for SS done. Very much looking forward to baby Judahs shower this weekend! Happy Friday all!


Wife said...

As a baby. We were already dealing with allergies/asthma even before he was 1 year old. There's nothing over the counter for asthma relief because it's something that should dx by an MD. You should really take him to see a dr for possible asthma. Asthma is not something to be taken lightly. It has the potential to be life threatening. Since Remo has it and knows what to look for he may be able to tell you more if it's asthma related. You should look out for "wheezing" and listen for "crackles" in the chest. Unfortunately, asthma and allergies are in the genes so your kids will highly likely be prone to it too.

Nicholas isn't on medication currently. Only when he has an attack or shows the symptoms of an upcoming attack. If we catch it early, then it usually prevents an attack. Sometimes it doesn't.

Mama of two hapas said...

Ryan didn't have any problems until we moved to Boise. and it's just hayfever/eczema for him. He is on Zyrtec, Singulair, and Nasacort (steroid nose spray), all prescription. You really should take him to the doctor and have it diagnosed. He'll tell you what to do, because there are over the counter stuff you can use, but only if you know for sure it's just allergies. Good luck!