Thursday, May 31, 2007

Slightly Better

So, I took Emeline to the dr. last night. She went into panic mode and jumped out of my arms and headed for the exit when the nurse came to get us. So sad, poor baby. It is true though that whenever kids go to the doctor the experience is not a happy one. Emeline just kept screaming "I don't want a shot, I don't want a shot." My dad came with me and I am glad because he has a calm and reassuring nature like my hubby. I was glad that when the doctor did come in it was a lady and she was very calm and nice too. She stroked Emelines hair and would explain what she was doing and let Emeline hold and touch the instruments. Emeline calmed down enough for the exam. The only thing the dr. suspected was possible strep throat because her tonsils and back of the mouth were swollen. They did a culture and we are waiting for the results of that. What is weird is that the rest of us in the family are really quite fine. It did concern me that the doctor didn't seem concerned about the high fever. She said to just give children's Motrin and if it lasted more than a week to come back. I guess kids can have higher fevers than adults and it isn't dangerous till it reaches 104. I came home and with much force got Emeline to down the children's Advil (they were out of Motrin). An hour later she was requesting to climb out of bed and play a game with me. We read books too before hitting the hay. This morning she did have a 100 temp. We struggled again to down the Advil. She is currently playing with play dough at her small table. I am so glad she is getting back to herself. It broke my heart to see her just laying in bed the last 3 days too sick and tired to play. We will be avoiding crowds and church. We really want to be well enough for the baby shower on Sunday! Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. They are working!! Thank God! :-)


tiffany said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better! Poor girl. That's nice that the doctor was so patient and caring but I guess that's why she's a pediatrician right? Anyway, I'll continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

Mama of two hapas said...

Advil & Motrin are exactly the same thing: ibuprofen, which is usually the best to reduce a fever, and once the fever is down, they immediately feel better. You can also alternate ibuprofen and tylenol, which means your giving her one med as often as every 2-3 hours if needed. That way the medicine never runs out on her!
Why do you have to wait 24 hrs for a strep culture? They have tests that take only a few minutes to read! It's probably not strep tho because you get sicker and sicker, fast, unless you get routinely used to die from "the morbid sore throat" before penicillen! Thank God we live in the modern age!