Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Sweet and Silly Kiddies

Today was mommy and Noah bonding time. First we had to go and get some unpleasant immunizations at the dr. Noah is so good and such a brave boy. He watched and didn't cry or fuss. Then for being such a big boy the dr. ran out of rewards. How disappointing. We then went to Wal-Mart to shop for baking goods and fun snacks to reward Noah for being such a big brave boy. Thanks to daddy, both kids are drawn towards those quarter sucker machines that have useless cheap junk. Noah chose some sweet and sour tart candies and saved them to share with his big sis. That is my sweet kind boy. Once we got home I think Emeline really missed Noah and seemed bored out of her mind. Awww. We had lunch and then the kids played Seaworld this afternoon. Emeline has this fascination with maps. They lined up all the stuffed toys, shopping carts, and trucks, and put on their version of the cat and dog show. It was a silly and fun sight to see! I was able to get some needed phone calling and appointments taken care of till June. I was thrilled to get a call from 2 very good mommy friends who moved east in Dec. So, I feel happy, content, and I just love my family. We are going to soak up what warmth we can from the sun before it goes down for the evening. Chow!

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