Friday, May 4, 2007

MRI Experience

So, today I had an MRI to see why and gain answers to my headaches and tingling feelings. Quite an interesting experience. The machine was below hospital level in the basement. During the check in process I was given a patient sheet to fill out out and was tagged with an ID hospital bracelet. Soon I was taken back to this patient waiting area that had a bathroom and locker room. I was relieved to find out that I could wear my own clothes and not one of those air vented gowns. I did have to remove my bra because it had metal clips in it. That was ok because I wore a black loose shirt so no lucky peeking for the techs. Next I walked into the room where the MRI was. It looked like a giant space capsule. I removed my shoes and glasses and laid down on a little gym mat which had a sheet on it. A pillow was placed under my knees. I was given a set of earplugs to wear. A bubble helmet was placed tightly around my head. Elbow and arm pads were placed around my body to cushion me. Then I was hoisted and positioned into the giant capsule. I was handed a bulb to push if I felt like the machine or test needed to be stopped. The tech guy talked me through the whole procedure. He told me when to relax, swallow, cough, clear my throat. Then the fun of all the sounds began. It was more like a giant hearing test. I heard sounds similar to trains, jackhammers, drums, and woodpeckers. After 30 minutes I was taken out of the capsule and injected with a dye. I went back into the capsule to finish the testing. The whole thing took 45 minutes. I just closed my eyes and tried my best to relax. The tech told me I did excellent and was a great patient. Believe me there were times I thought I wanted to move or had an itch on my face. When I came out of the capsule I felt dizzy and lightheaded. Good thing I didn't drive myself. My dad dropped me off and my hubby and family picked me up. I spend the rest of the morning going to bed and relaxing. I didn't feel dizzy when I laid down. I just got up to eat and watch Martha Stewart. I will lay low today, but I do have to make a lovely fresh strawberry cake from scratch for my brother who has a b-day this weekend! I am also in charge of SS at church tomorrow. Have a lovely and happy Friday and weekend too!


grace said...

intersting experience. i didn't know that having an mri would take 45 minutes. let us know when you get the results. see you tomorrow!

Wife said...

That is very interesting. Sounds similar to the CAT scan I had when I was 7/8 yrs old. Hopefully yours results will come out normal!

Mama of two hapas said...

Yeah, I had an MRI after my car accident for headaches about 3 years ago. I did, ok, too, except it's the only time I've felt claustrophobic, because I had gone to physical therapy right before the MRI, and the PT guy put his hands over my eyes to show me how close the tube would be to my face, and then that's all I could think about during the test! I was definitely going to my "happy place" that I had never had to use during birth even! :) Hopefully your will be normal like mine was! It totally sounds like a pinched nerve in your neck to me!