Thursday, April 5, 2007

We Now Have Food

How low does your food supply go? That is the question. Our fridge was literally I am not kidding down to the bare minimum. I took advantage and cleaned all the compartments. I think you appreciate money more and take better care of your spending when you don't have any. It becomes more valuable. We got paid today for the rental, but already more than half of that has to go into the bank to pay off debts. The kids had a lovely time with grandma K. and Uncum Brad while I was in Henry heaven! Even though it was jam packed with carts and people, the workers were constantly bringing out the food! I found that if you just park your cart then shop on foot, you are more successful and save time. I found lots of fat free yummy products for my hubby and me. Today we will continue stocking up as we go to Costco! Old mother Hubbard went to her cupboard and found that it was NO LONGER BARE! The insurance called us today and said they would be calling the other party. I have been so jumpy when the phone rings. Hopefully we will hear something soon. Enjoy your day!


Wife said...

I have to go shopping at Henry's every single week to get fresh vegetables, fruit, and milk. I don't like those perishables in the fridge longer than that or it starts to look and smell bad. What I do is, during the weekend, I search for 7 recipes to cook for the week. From those 7 recipes, I look to see what I have and make a list of things that I need. It prevents me from overspending and having to go to the store twice in a week. I get everything I need in one trip. I do the same thing for Costco. We have a running list on Costco since we only go there once a month. And we try to only buy the neccessities.

happymom said...

Yes, I agree. We do Costco once a month and Henry's every week and half. Then Wal-Mart in between. At least at Henry's it is quality fresh food! We had to forfeit some trips last month due to no $$$. But we have to eat, and that is one area where we CAN'T SKIMP! I am not that organized with my recipes. I just look it up the morning and base it on what I have!!!