Friday, April 27, 2007


Ever since my hubby's scooter broke he has been so sad. He has been researching like mad on how to fix it or get a new one. It is so hard to go places with the babies. They are so heavy and are a cause to both of my hubby and mine back pain. Well, he bid on a handicap scooter on ebay and won! More and more people are having those scooters now. They are not just for handicap people. So, my hubby was up and out the door at 7 a.m. He had to drive to L.A. to get the scooter. It will definitely make going to Seaworld, Disneyland, and Las Vegas so much easier! Just waiting for him to return with his new toy. Later we will go to the B. grandparents to begin setting up for the massive retirement party. Another gorgeous day of pure sunshine! Enjoy and Happy Friday!


Terri Lynn said...

Is the scooter like a little moped/motorcycle, or like the handicapped motor chair?

Chris said...

Is that the small scooter that I used when we went camping with Chula Vista young adults?

happymom said...

No it is the handicap one. We both do have back problems so it is legit