Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Day Out

AHAHAHAH! Yes! It was my once a week mommy day away from the kiddies, at least for a couple hours. What did I do? Why what does every woman enjoy when she has uninterrupted mommy time? SHOP! They had some very fabulous deals at Henry's this week! I just love cooking and spending time at the best fruit and veggie store was my bit of heaven for the week! I was also buying all my yummy ingredients for the enchiladas for mom and dad B. retirement party! Can't share my special ingredients. Come to the party and taste for yourself! Then I had time swing by and have lunch with MY mommy and bro. It was nice to be missed when I got home. Noah was in heaven and had 3 pieces of watermelon. Our dinner was fresh corn on the cob, smashed potatoes (Not the kind in a box, fresh and smashed with love), and salad! We bought the kiddies some squirt guns and boy did they have a blast in their new Finding Nemo swimsuits squirting and giving all the plants a drink. Finding numerous ladybugs made Emeline squeal in delight. Good times. Yea. I love playtime! Got to get all the dirty bodies out of the tub now. Adios.

P.S. Have a slight confession to make. My hubby took a personal day yesterday on his b-day. We just vegged out. Since we were too full from the lunch, I ran out and bought the most delicious mudd pie and balloons from Ralphs. The cake was oreo cookie bottom, coffee ice cream, topped with whip cream, coffee chips and pecan slices. Sorry it is all gone. It was worth the splurge!!!!!

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grace said...

yes, that cake was so yummy!! thank you! i had 2 slices!