Monday, April 9, 2007

Our Easter Weekend

SATURDAY-- Attended Sabbath school ON TIME this week. Went church hopping to Chula Vista for the main service and potluck. Came home to rest and regroup (just daddy rested) One adult had to supervise the kiddies. :-) Auntie Keri was home this weekend so we spent the evening at the K. grandparents. Emeline is really into playing board games and her favorite is Candy Land. It was such fun watching and listening to her spend 5 minutes explaining the details of the game in great animation and detail to everyone. Grandma had hid some Easter baskets for the kids to hunt around the house for. I was totally enjoying reliving my childhood days. The kids squealed and could not stop laughing when they found their treasures in the bathtub. Emeline kept asking grandma "Who is the Easter bunny? Where is he? What color is he?" Each kid received a sand bucket filled with art supplies, some outside play toys, candy, and a bathing suit! We ended the evening by watching a Sesame Street movie.

SUNDAY-- Noah woke up and the first thing he asked was "Where is my basket from the Easter bunny?" It was a cloudy, cool, and wet day. But the kids had looked forward to the picnic at the park and egg hunt all week. We bundled up and hit the park. It was a pretty park and we would have enjoyed it more if their was no wind, clouds, and sprinkles. We ate our lunch, kids played a bit while we waited for some more families to come. There was a nice slope with flowers so A. Grace, Joanna, and me hid the eggs for the kiddies. Then all the kids grabbed their baskets and the hunt was on! Each kid was able to take home at least 16 eggs! What a fun afternoon it was as Emeline and Noah lined up all their eggs and treasures on the living room floor. I am so happy it doesn't take much to please them. They get so excited over just the simplest and smallest gifts. Wanted to make a super Easter supper so I made a meatloaf out of Boca Burger with mashed potatoes.


Mama of two hapas said...

You know, maybe we should plan a "treasure hunt" for the kids in Vegas? I'm sure they'd love it! I always loved treasure hunts when I was kid! I guess we could pretend it's still easter, too, and just have an egg hunt! I'm sure they wouldn't mind!

Wife said...

I'm glad that Emeline is enjoying her candyland game. =)

happymom said...

How about something at the b-day party? I hope it is warm enough to swim.